Amantica Lodge is committed since its origin to train and support the local communities

Contributing a percentage of its incomes to meet the needs of the inhabitants

Generating employment and new opportunities for the islanders

Giving back value and promoting native culture and traditions from Occosuyo

Building and renovating houses with Ecowekk in order to allow local families to receive guests and benefits from residential tourism

Social Commitment
Thanks to your reservations we made 100% of our social projects concrete but there is still much to do.

Hoseg Jacket for Children

We promised to give away a Hoseg jacket for every Amantica Lodge reservation to every child of ones of the Amantani communities (120). Hosëg designs 100% of its collection in Peru and manufactures everything related to cotton locally.
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U$D 600

New dock

The creation of a new dock will provide shelter to fishermans’ boats even at night while at the same time allowing easier access for Amantica Lodge’s guests.

U$D 1000

Provide water to the nearby houses

The project consists in increasing our water tank capacity and implementing a solar pump and canalizations to reach filling the household water tanks of at least 8 families living near the lodge.

U$D 2000